Who We Are

An Adlerian Centre of Excellence

For over a century, the contributions of Dr. Alfred Adler (1870-1937) have been central to psychology and psychotherapy since at least 1902. His ideas and methods appear in the theory and practice of nearly all psychologies and counselling approaches used in the present time.

Our mission is to encourage and support people of all ages to move from an emotional “felt minus” to a “felt plus”, using the psychology of Alfred Adler. We will, to the very best of our ability model to our clients, students on courses  and staff what Alfred Adler called “Social Interest”:  co-operation, equality, respect and responsibility.

By investing time and effort to improve our understanding of the need, our proposed solutions will be better focussed and stand more change of contributing to the quality of people’s lives.

This service is funded by the courses we run and the membership fees and private donations of those who support us.  We receive no government or short time grants for our running costs.  We are (2023) celebrating 19 years of work in the community.

Photo of Alfred Adler
Alfred Adler (7 February 1870 – 28 May 1937)