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Adlerian Society of Wales

Sue Gavin

My name is Sue Gavin. I have been involved with the Adlerian Centre for a very long time as I was a founder member. I live locally with my husband and cat. I have retired from my job as a Drug Counsellor for the NHS after 17 years. I continue to co-tutor community well being courses for the Adlerian Society which I very much enjoy.

Adlerian Society of Wales

John Richardson

Hi, I’m John Richardson. I am a retired Ministry of Defence Marine Engineer and live in Milford Haven with my wife and my rescue dog. I have two grown up children. My hobby is British classic motorcycles. I have completed the Introductory Course for Adlerian Counselling.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Linda Howard

NVQ (Level 7) Dip Management CMI.

Linda is currently studying for the Diploma in Adlerian Counselling. She became interested in Psychology when volunteering at an Equine Assisted Therapy college eventually becoming Head of Department for student welfare and independent living skills.

After leaving the college Linda went on to become a project manager for a supported housing scheme for homeless young women. Linda fulfilled a dream of living in Italy and worked as an English teacher there for 9 years. On returning to the UK she moved to Wales and was introduced to Adlerian Individual Psychology by a friend and decided it was time to pursue a long held desire to train as a Counsellor.

Although she still loves riding, Linda also enjoys being in the great outdoors kayaking on the river, cycling and walking the coastal paths. Her creative interests include photography, painting, sewing, and interior design.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Hayley Vallance

Hayley discovered The Adlerian Society of Wales and its psychology in 2016 and, after sampling the introductory course (and loving it!), she continued with the combined certificate/diploma and is now a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist.

She is passionate about her voluntary work with Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) and for many years she has facilitated meetings and helped to support local bereaved families.

She is a black-belt kickboxer and enjoys nice food, nature and walking. Socializing and connecting with her friends and family are an important part of her life.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Linda Edwards

I live a mile out of Narberth with my husband Phil and my border collie Floss. I’m a qualified and experienced schoolteacher and before coming to Pembrokeshire in 1997 I was a lecturer in education at Kings College London for 12 years, overseeing PGCE and MA courses. During this time I trained ( thanks to the late mighty Rita Udall for all she taught me) and qualified as an Adlerian counsellor via night school. Since then, I have been working as an Adlerian therapist, supervisor and trainer and as a volunteer CEO of the Adlerian Society of Wales, a registered charity.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Kate Pearson


Kate was introduced to the Adlerian Society of Wales through a chance meeting of like minds and shared interests. She is a BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate as of summer 2022 following 6 years of studies. She is a British Psychology Society member and has done a Level 2 counselling skills.

Kate and her husband are self-employed, owning and managing a newly built recording studio in West Wales, which welcomes musicians from all genres into a creative environment.

Kate likes to find creative outlets, which include card crafts and sewing projects and is working towards creating wellbeing opportunities through creative mediums. Kate volunteers at her local food bank. Kate’s daughter, family and friends are of the upmost importance, which includes spending quality time with them all.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Clare Scott

Dr Clare Scott (PhD) is an experienced, qualified Adlerian therapist, having trained initially in 2005. She is a member of the Adlerian Society of Wales, ASIIP and BACP. She is registered as a brainspotting practitioner, (“brainspotting is a brain-based psychotherapy approach that uses the field of vision to find where a person is holding, not just the trauma but any negative experience, in their brain.” David Grand).

Clare’s professional experience in working with the differing effects of neurovidersity includes being a diagnostic assessor and a therapist to those who are on the spectrum and their family members and intimate others. She has lived alongside neurodiversity as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. She has been able to weave the understanding that she has gained from her experiences usefully into her professional work. She has worked as a trainer and tutor, provided professional development and has been a supervisor for professionals working in mental health fields. She has expertise in language and communication skills.

Clare is a writer who works with creative writing therapeutically. Her PhD, Particles and Waves: Poetic Responses to Place – Psychogeography and/as practice, is concerned with themes of the spiritual, land, gender, culture and history and is an exploration of the importance of identity and wellbeing. She has supported artists in the clarification of their thinking and expression of their ideas. She uses multi-media expressive arts to help those who have difficulties with communication.

Clare has worked as a teacher and specialist teacher in all stages of the educational system in Great Britain, from Primary, through Secondary, Further Education, Higher Education to Adult Education. She has also worked as a social worker, a sexual health provider for the NHS and managed a team of careers employees working with ‘at risk’ unemployed young people and disability support teams in universities. She has been a Director of a number of charitable organisations, including being Chair for Lapidus, the writing for wellbeing community.

Adlerian Society of Wales

Helen Emlyn Williams

I have been lucky enough to make Pembrokeshire my full-time home for the past seven years following many years of previously coming to stay on holiday here. In my mid twenties I set up, with my husband, a specialised fine art and antique business based both in the UK and US, in which I was solely responsible for the financial side. Following my retirement in 2006, I moved to the Cotswolds and for five or more years, I acted as Treasurer to my local PCC and Village Hall Committee closely involved with launching fundraising for both institutions. The church required massive improvement to the building and general fabric and the hall was facing closure after falling into dis-use. All at the same time, the local village shop was being rescued and I worked on this too as part of a team to revive it. In short, I suppose I had found my way to a place of heightened social interest and, at that point in my life, I hadn’t even heard of a guy called Adler! The altruistic aims of the Society, to educate and to offer mental health support in the community, strike a chord with me, as does the positivity of the new Board of Trustees. I am excited, by way of serving as Treasurer, to be part of its renaissance at this time of change.